Kwon Eunbi’s comeback press conference outfit today + performance outfit

1. That cool blue color suits her so well

2. She’s short, but her proportions are really good

3. She’s 160 cm???? I was surprised… I thought she was about 164 cm..

4. It’s just a normal stage outfit, nothing revealing

5. I was surprised when I heard about her height, her proportions are crazy

6. After Waterbomb, there were a lot of comments s*xually harassing her, you guys should stop writing those comments

7. She looks a bit like Jang Wonyoung

8. There are a lot of female idols who dress like that, but doesn’t Eunbi look sexier because she has a nice body? I’m a fan of male idols

9. It’s much better than her previous outfits

10. Eunbi is pretty, but I think she’d be prettier if they made her look like a princess ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ But fighting!!

11. Is this a sexy concept?? She’s just so pretty

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