LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin is being criticized for commenting on Lionel Messi

Does LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin hate Messi?

No but isn’t this joke too much?

A few months ago, Messi won the World Cup with the Argentina

Her hatred towards him is obvious

Messi “If you leave a comment, I’ll stop playing football”
Huh Yunjin “I should have replied a few months earlier”

[+487, -90]

1. [+314, -42] He’s a legendary player of all time in the whole worldㅋㅋㅋ She really lost her mind

2. [+291, -29] She deserves to be hated by the foreign football fansㅋㅋ

3. [+263, -24] What was she thinking when she commented that???

4. [+236, -54] F*ck, I’m a fan of Messi, I also fell in love with Hul Yunjin but it’s over now

5. [+187, -24] She deleted her comment after being cursed by foreign fans

6. [+182, -57] Isn’t she just joking…? Why are you guys so enraged?

7. [+130, -5] Messi donated 4.7 billion won to Türkiye ㅠㅠ

8. [+118, -54] Since Produce, it’s obvious that she doesn’t have a good personality

9. [+73, -3] But I’m curious to know what she meant…

10. [+69, -19] Yunjin must be cheering for France with something like thisㅋㅋㅋ

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Lazy Banana

I mean it’s pretty clear that it’s a joke cause she must’ve rooted for the other team. But well, what can we do about football fans? They’re much much much worse than any toxic kpop stan you know and will ever know. There’s no competition. Literally committing arson and a riot over losing a game smh.

Last edited 1 month ago by Lazy Banana

she got so many death threats from soccer/football fans on twitter its pretty serious]
this was dumb of her


she tried too hard to be funny but it backfired. it was a joke but an insensitive one.
and football fans are even crazier than kpop fans…

Last edited 1 month ago by Colin

well you can’t really blame her, I don’t think she expected that comment she made on weverse that only kpop fans especially her fans see will spread like this .


she should be more careful. she’s a trendy idol now. everyone will use every mean to find faults in her. this will be a learning lesson


You think it’s appropriate for a woman to be shamed enough by the public outcries of loser men on the internet to silence herself?


Dumb kpop fans bringing gender into this lmao. As of a male kpop idol wouldn’t be dragged for this comment too.

She has the freedom of speech. True and so do the others attacking her because they didn’t like what she said. It was a dumb move from her nonetheless


Wth , let her go she is Ronaldo fan


fan of a rapist?


What rappist? Clearly gold-digger


she can be a mbappe fan too 😒 it’s literally france vs argentina during wc’s final


people on pannchoa really just can’t wait to hate on her ☠️ like the way they wrote stuffs about her there over this comment ou…. you guys must hate her even more before this for no reason


the downvotes omg you guys have this pent up anger on her since produce days probably and now finally using this excuse to hate on her , I know not all of you gaf about soccer like that dmddkdkdkdm


Well, she said she wanted to change the kpop industry hence the free speech like imagine if it’s western celebrities who said it. But that’s a wrong move, Yunjin-ah…


Also not being a fan of msi doesn’t mean she’s a fan of rnldo either


Lmao she won’t change anything except being labelled the dumbest idol in 4th gen


I believe she will, but I do think her comment is not great start. Her opponent is soccer fans


change? 😂


It’s not that serious. Leave her alone ☹️


Stupid, stupid girl


Maybe its because of translation but i understood as if Messi did not play Korea could have standed a chance to win? Maybe im reading too much into it…. or maybe this people are

spicy spice

don’t worry, you are from hybe so international kpopies will defend you. esp in this site.




it could be someone from a group that appears on nugupromoter said stuffs like this , the nuguest of the nugu and I will defend them too because this is just so silly to be make into a big deal , it’s not like yunjin said that she wanted him to die

spicy spice

but the comment section in this site would be different if the one who said that statement was blackpink’s members nor sm idols lol.

Kpop Boomer

Not just this site, lol


She is so dumb for real, first she gets into a dating scandal on her own doing and now this lol just shut up, girl, please.


7. [+130, -5] Messi donated 4.7 billion won to Türkiye ㅠㅠ

Messi is a good football player and a human. Why people don’t like him i don’t understand? Yes you may not like him for football but I don’t understand why some people hate him. Because he is a good person. Messi helped Turkey when Turkey was in difficult conditions. The amount he helped is a huge amount in Turkish Lira. Additionally, Messi has never been to Turkey or had a Turkish friend. Despite this, he still helped Turkey. I think Yunjin’s comment was very rude. If she was this hateful, she should’ve kept the comment to herself.

Yo, I think I’m a witch

Cheese Apples = Deliciousness

Last edited 1 month ago by Yo, I think I’m a witch
Kpop Boomer

Do you mean cheese, apples, and crackers together? If so, then yes, they’re delicious, lol

Messy Play

Messi not that great anyway… in my country of America, children of 8 years old can play football better than him.


Then you are a big ass liar




i mean she has the right to be wrong (she is) but she should know that as a public figure saying something like this about the most famous football player in history… is dumb as shit


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she is stupid


I think she was just joking its not valid how much hate she got from Messis fans still I think it wasn‘t smart to comment it

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