LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin’s hair colors that get divided opinions among fans

Brown hair

Blonde hair

What is your favorite hair color?

1. Whenever I see her, I think that blonde hair doesn’t suit her

2. Of course, she’s the prettiest with brown hair, but she’s also pretty with blonde hair

3. I think her blonde hair accentuates her charms

4. I really can’t choose one

5. I like her brown hair, but I feel like she looks so hot with blonde hair

6. Wow I really don’t know, she’s so pretty

7. I want to see her with blonde hair for a long time

8. Wow, I knew she was pretty in Produce, but is there a big change in her style?

9. Brown hair suits her so well

10. Both are pretty but her facial features stand out more with brown hair

11. She looks amazing with blonde hair

12. Personally, I like brown hair, but with Huh Yunjin’s unique hot girl image, blonde hair suits her so well

13. Brown hair! But both are pretty

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meow meow

i think she suits lighter hair colors better like her face looks totally different just with a change of hair color

meow meow

she’s like the one of only idols i’ve seen pull off that bleach blonde hair


She looks prettier in both.

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