LE SSERAFIM is suspected of copying foreign singer Rosalia in this album

1. I don’t know the song, but the way they sing is the same

2. Is noisy marketing the identity of this group?

3. Is it because Rosalia is not popular in Korea? They openly copied her

4. Did they use it as reference?

5. Without Rosalia, there wouldn’t be LE SSERAFIM’s song

6. There’s a reason why they can’t catch up with NewJeans and IVE

7. It’s a shame to call them the A-list group of the 4th generation

8. Wow, they copied Rosalia’s identity through music, fashion, vocals, choreography, etc., I’m so ashamed of them

9. I like their concepts and songs, but now that I know this, I really feel empty

10. I’m ashamed of them, don’t go anywhere saying this is a K-pop group

11. Well.. I like the concept of LE SSERAFIM, but I’m really disappointed… LE SSERAFIM’s identity is actually Rosalia

12. Wow, they’re the group that’s the best at copying ever. Please change the concept

13. If you are a fan of Rosalia, you will be furious

14. What is the difference between references and plagiarism? There are many similar things

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idg this controversy at all tbh cause when antifragile came out, a week before that, music critics were given privilege to listen to the whole album first and they mentioned how the song is heavily inspired or reminds them of rosalia , even knetz comments during the release said the same thing and no one gives that much issue back then compared to now … basically the same thing 🚶🏻


Bcuz Isabella Lovestory is involved with their song duhh. Check the song credit before you accuse the grp for plagiarism. Even rosalia is following and listening to lesserafim..pretty sure she will sue them if she think they plagiarism her lol


And cobrah’s producer is working with lesserafim too. At the end, lesserafim comeback is going to be successful bcuz the witch hunt is already begin lol

Starsyndrome is a disease

It’s okay, it will build the hype for their comeback. Lets focus on the goods


Fun fact: rosalia producer work for le sserafim as well. And rosalia also follow le sserafim instagram. Seem like organized smeared campaign toward le sserafim just before their cb.

Starsyndrome is a disease

They (the haters) gonna act like they cant read the credits

spicy spice

2. Is noisy marketing the identity of this group?

when controversy was the only option to stay relevant. oh and also kazuha’s ballet skill, they mediaplayed this thing soooo much cuz they failed to push yunjin. that’s the only thing that makes them floating in the air.
it’s bitter. it is.


? Literally every groups that have that kind of skill experience it, it is not a mediaplay. Back when EXO was still 12, Tao and Baekhyun were asked to do their martial skills on almost every shows they’ve gone to


Pretty sure they are successful since you are here lol. You’re jealous and at the same time interested with them lol


Why are you crying here lol. Go to the site that full of your kind..its easy..well you are obsessed with hybe stan lol


idc if they’re under hybe or not, I’m not fond of how hybe works either, and I stan one of the groups there but it’s just common sense tbh. Every groups always have those set of members with special skills and everytime they go to variety shows, the host/casts will always ask these people to show their skills. It’s the same with Kazuha, and she almost like a decade of her life is spent with ballet

Starsyndrome is a disease

Cry harder

Starsyndrome is a disease

I bet they’re all that famous since you even remember their names lmao

Starsyndrome is a disease

Le Sserafim literally have the best concept in 4th gen


this group is cursed. flop next to flop next to chimp next to flop next to flop

dot com bubble

Lmao, Kakao is working hard at the rumor mill now that they own plagiariSM and aespa is coming back the same month as LSF. Funny how there’s always an issue before every LSF comeback hmmm. Before it used to happen to aespa but ig all is well now LOL.


Keep aespa out of your mouth you freak. F*ckass hybe stans, y’all disgusting

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 slút cycles

Giselle is more disgusting saying the n word with confidence like gurl be fr

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