LE SSERAFIM is suspected of copying foreign singer Rosalia in this album

1. I don’t know the song, but the way they sing is the same

2. Is noisy marketing the identity of this group?

3. Is it because Rosalia is not popular in Korea? They openly copied her

4. Did they use it as reference?

5. Without Rosalia, there wouldn’t be LE SSERAFIM’s song

6. There’s a reason why they can’t catch up with NewJeans and IVE

7. It’s a shame to call them the A-list group of the 4th generation

8. Wow, they copied Rosalia’s identity through music, fashion, vocals, choreography, etc., I’m so ashamed of them

9. I like their concepts and songs, but now that I know this, I really feel empty

10. I’m ashamed of them, don’t go anywhere saying this is a K-pop group

11. Well.. I like the concept of LE SSERAFIM, but I’m really disappointed… LE SSERAFIM’s identity is actually Rosalia

12. Wow, they’re the group that’s the best at copying ever. Please change the concept

13. If you are a fan of Rosalia, you will be furious

14. What is the difference between references and plagiarism? There are many similar things

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