LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam who even appeared on the news

Kim Garam appeared on YonhapnewsTV news with her controversy

1. She is not a talented member.. She is not a famous member from IZ*ONE.. I think the visual member is Kazuha, but why can’t they just lose her..?? Don’t they think the group would be better if she left the group?

2. She’s not pretty, and she’s not good at performing, so why did they cast her? I don’t understand

3. She’s become a celebrity, but I bet her parents can’t even brag about it…

4. Does she have an important position in the group? Why didn’t they kick this bully out of the group?

5. I really don’t want to listen to their song anymore

6. Honestly, Kazuha is already popular, IZ*ONE members’ fandoms are so strong, and Huh Yunjin can sing and dance well, but I don’t know why they can’t lose her?

7. Then Yonhap News will be sued?

8. HYBE, why are you ruining the image of a girl group like this?

9. It would be better if they kicked her and the right wing member out of the group

10. I feel bad for the other members

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