LE SSERAFIM member who is getting a lot of good reactions for her visuals

LE SSERAFIM member who looks prettier the more I see her

Huh Yunjin

She has cheerful and healthy vibes
I can see some classic beauty in her too

1. She’s so pretty, has good proportions and she’s good

2. She is the best on stage

3. I think she’ll be popular in Japan, but I don’t know what the reactions will be

4. I think she’s pretty and she’s good on stage

5. She’s really good on stage. She’s so charming

6. She’s so pretty, she uses her body well and her voice is good

7. Honestly, she looks really pretty, but she always performs well on stage, so all I can see is her

8. Personally, I think she’s the prettiest in LE SSERAFIM

9. Every time I see her, I feel like she looks like a mix of Kang Sora and Jihyo, she’s so pretty

10. She looks prettier because of her facial expression. Honestly, she stands out the most in LE SSERAFIM. She’s good at acting

11. In my eyes, Huh Yunjin is the prettiest in this group

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