LE SSERAFIM member who seems to get the best reactions after being revealed


My heart even flutters…ㅠ

1. She looks like Shuhua + Kim Go Eun

2. She looks like a mix of Suzy and Kim Go Eun

3. She looks like an actress, it’s the face that Koreans likeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Among the female idols who just debuted recently, she’s the prettiest

5. Wow she looks like a model

6. I’m not the only one seeing Suzy, she’s so pretty and her visuals are unique

7. I wish I could send her and Yunjin to Min Heejin

8. She’s my pick. She looks so innocent and elegant. She’s tall and her body line is good

9. She looks normal, right? I think Sakura and the controversial member are better

10. She stands out the most in the group photos

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