LE SSERAFIM openly advertises Galaxy while girl group members only use iPhones

Unlike the girl group members who only use iPhones… LE SSERAFIM publicly advertises Galaxy

LE SSERAFIM, a famous girl group founded by HYBE, recently became a hot topic when they publicly advertised Galaxy smartphones while leaving the country.

Unlike the girl group members who mainly use iPhones, all members have switched to using the latest Galaxy smartphones such as the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip 5

1. How did LE SSERAFIM become a group that was criticized so much ㅠㅠ

2. I was using Galaxy but suddenly don’t want to use it anymore

3. They said it was not given by Samsung but given by Google Korea

4. The group’s image is getting worse and worse…

5. They’re still using Galaxy, right?

6. Samsung: This is not our advertisement

7. Didn’t Samsung give it to them??????????????????

8. So they are not Samsung models?

9. The kids are being criticized for HYBE’s foolish actions

10. But is it an advertisement? Who pays attention to what LE SSERAFIM uses these days?

11. They are not models..?…

12. There are many people with mental illness

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