LE SSERAFIM reveals their teaser video and netizens wonder if it’s noise marketing

LE SSERAFIM’s teaser video has just been uploaded

1. Kazuha and Huh Yunjin are so pretty

2. I guess they edited the photos a lot… They look different in the teaser video..

3. They look different because of the editing, they all have big noses in the video

4. Seriously, I doubt that noise marketing is the company’s strategy

5. The quality is so bad…ㅋ I know what Sakura and Kim Chaewon’s faces look like, but they don’t look good in this video, so I think it’s because of the editing

6. Yunjin and Sakura look the prettiest

7. Fonts, lighting, makeup…. Everything is so bad

8. No… I really don’t know what the hell this company is doing

9. Why do they all have big noses?

10. The lighting is weird, the makeup is weird, all I can see is their noses

11. Seriously, I think it’s noise marketing

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