LE SSERAFIM Sakura says she doesn’t care about malicious comments

“No matter what I do, I don’t want to listen to people who don’t like me and I think it’s fine if I show my hard work to those who judge me

You can’t change what happened, but if you do your best in your position, people’s eyes can turn to cheering, so I thought I wanted to show that future.”

1. That’s why she’s doing so well

2. I wonder what she thought about mentioning war criminals

3. Anyway, I know that Sakura has been developing her life for the better

4. Didn’t she cause controversy herself?… There are many other Japanese members promoting in Korea and not causing controversy. She received malicious comments because she caused controversy

5. I don’t like IZ*ONE, but I think Sakura is amazing and I like her

6. I think malicious comments are directly proportional to popularity. Celebrities just don’t care about them

7. Sakura fighting

8. I don’t even like Sakura, but I think anyone can make mistakes and I hope she doesn’t make the same mistake in the future

9. I don’t like Sakura, but she’s right, if you don’t like her, just ignore her

10. That’s why she is making money shamelessly in Korea without apologizing

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