LE SSERAFIM ‘Smart’ live stage MR removed at Coachella

LE SSERAFIM ‘Smart’ live stage MR removed at Coachella

1. If live dancing is difficult, please use more dancers and less dancing, otherwise you can only hear the kids gasping for air

2. They don’t have the skills, so this is not necessary. Is the member who left because of school violence the main vocalist?

3. At least Huh Yunjin sang.. I couldn’t hear the other members’ voices clearly

4. They only practice dancing but not singing?

5. How can all the members be so bad?

6. Even Huh Yunjin can’t do it ㅠㅠ

7. There aren’t any members who are really good at anything… Daebak

8. Are they singers or dancers?

9. I got goosebumps at their bad skills

10. But even without MR removed, their poor skills were exposed by everyone watching Coachella, so why should we bother…

11. Just…just watch the original stage…stop…

12. Please practice singing

13. Aren’t they just dancers?

14. Who is the main vocalist?

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