LE SSERAFIM went to Coachella thinking they would be like BLACKPINK

I guess LE SSERAFIM went to Coachella thinking they would be like BLACKPINK

Hong Eunchae: I first heard about Coachella through BLACKPINK’s performance in 2019. And with the number of people in the crowd, it seemed like another world

Yunjin: Their stage style, their confidence. We want to see how the crowd reacts to K-pop. We want to know how people can enjoy the festival without knowing K-pop, because we’re sure there will be a lot of people in the crowd who don’t know who we are. BLACKPINK’s audience was excited, so we feel confident that we can get everyone excited

Oh my God…

1. LE SSERAFIM has a lot of haters. I think they are showing respect to BLACKPINK

2. What the?

3. What they’re saying is that it’s good to see a senior group perform at Coachella and happy that they’re going there too

4. That’s their respect for BLACKPINK

5. BLACKPINK didn’t have an encore disaster so they can learn something from that

6. Please study vocal music seriously..

7. If they craved that stage then they should have worked hard to acquire that skill… Even with the encore stage, BLACKPINK’s live performance was crazy

8. I didn’t think admiring someone would be ridiculed like this

9. They want to do well like BLACKPINK, but they don’t have the skills

10. I think they respect BLACKPINK

11. Please practice singing

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