LE SSERAFIM’s encore performance on Inkigayo today

LE SSERAFIM’s encore performance on Inkigayo today

1. I was so touched by Nayeon and Jihyo, who wore the beanie that Sakura gave her during the encore

2. Congratulations to our LE SSERAFIM for winning 1st place

3. I think they did the best they could, but if you compare them to other idols, their skills are disappointing

4. Chaewon and Kazuha seem fine

5. Kazuha is so cool

6. Kazuha really improved a lot, Chaewon and Kazuha did well, the other three also did better than them on M Countdown

7. It was much better than last time

8. Eunchae is so cute

9. Easy is a song that is difficult to perform live

10. I was more disappointed with Huh Yunjin than I thought I would be, but that’s because my expectations were too high

11. It got better

12. I thought Huh Yunjin had good skills but the best member in LE SSERAFIM is Kim Chaewon

13. It’s better than last time, right?

14. It feels like the 4th generation has lowered the singing standards of idols

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