LE SSERAFIM’s ‘FEARLESS’ legendary stage at The Fact Music Awards 2022

The stage is really good, but the camera and lighting are not so good

1. I really think Huh Yunjin is a treasure

2. They did so well. I hope Eunchae’s quarantine will end soon ㅠㅠ

3. Is Yunjin crazy? How does she dance so well?

4. Sakura is completely different from when I saw her in Produce, it seems like she practiced a lot

5. Huh Yunjin is crazy, she deserves to be the center of this group

6. Kim Chaewon’s dance is so good

7. They prepared a lot, it’s a pity that Eunchae couldn’t attend

8. The stage quality of LE SSERAFIM is always good. I was surprised when I saw Sakura. Yunjin is good on stage too

9. I really like LE SSERAFIM these days

10. I’m sure they’re good on stage

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