LE SSERAFIM’s live ‘UNFORGIVEN’ encore stage video on Show Champion today

1. Sakura really can’t sing

2. Seems like there’s no main vocal here, it’s like singing with friends at the karaoke room

3. Except for Sakura, I think they did well, I feel like Sakura doesn’t have any basic skills

4. Chaewon is doing so well

5. Eunchae did better than I thought, I think they did well

6. It’s better than yesterday, Chaewon did well

7. It’s much better than the previous video! I think it will be fine if Chaewon and Yunjin sing together

8. Chaewon and Eunchae are doing well

9. It seems that the standards of idols’ singing skills are also getting lower and lower in Korea….

10. Huh Yunjin is worse than I thought

11. Eunchae is better than I thought and Yunjin is worse than I thought

12. You guys are all critics, right?

13. I think Kazuha and Chaewon are doing the best

14. They are saying that Sakura’s skills have improved, but that’s not true

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