LE SSERAFIM’s stage fancam as a 5-member group without Kim Garam because of her school violence controversy

As expected, the group members should be odd

1. Eunchae is so cute

2. The 5-member group is much better

3. They look better without Kim Garam

4. I feel comfortable watching their stage now. But Kim Chaewon dances so wellㅋㅋㅋ Looks like she knows how to look pretty on stage

5. Seriously, this is much better

6. It’s much better, Kim Chaewon is good at dancing

7. The stage is so nice and neat, I really like the 5 member group..

8. It’s addictive, so I keep watching it, I like the 5 member group

9. The 5-member lineup is much better and the members look better

10. Wow, seriously, this is much better, and the members look better too

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