Lee Jae Wook’s side admitted to being in a relationship with Karina

[Official] Lee Jae Wook’s side admitted to being in a relationship with Karina, “They are getting to know each other and hope to receive warm respect.”

Lee Jae Wook’s management agency, C-JeS Studio stated, “The two are currently in the process of getting to know each other. As this concerns the actor’s personal life, we kindly request that you regard it with warmth and respect while he continues his filming commitments.”

1. Is Lee Jae Wook good at fighting?

2. Hul but they look so good together

3. They are actors and singers that I like so I’m a bit confused but I support them dating. If you are a fan, please refrain from making sarcastic and critical comments

4. I’ve always liked Lee Jae Wook, but I like him even more because he and I both have the same taste in women

5. Be happy!!

6. This is my first time hearing about 4th generation idols’ dating rumors

7. I was worried that they might break up because of this news, but it would be great if they got to know each other well

8. I guess he really likes Karina

9. Congratulations~

10. Why did he admit this?;;;;

11. I think it’s lucky that the age difference isn’t too big

12. I guess he’s a fan of Karina…..

13. I thought he would deny it…

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