Lee Mijoo’s older sister appeared with her gorgeous beauty on Hangout with Yoo

Lee Mijoo’s older sister appeared on Hangout with Yoo in real time….

1. No, she looks like a celebrity… At least an influencer… It’s surprising that she lives like a normal person

2. Wow, I can see Kim Ok Vin and Go Yoon Jung, she’s so pretty

3. Hul, she’s so pretty, she looks like an actress

4. I understand why Mijoo is always proud of her older sister, saying she’s prettier than her…

5. How is she not a celebrity with visuals like that?

6. She’s so elegant, she looks like an actress

7. They look alike, but Mijoo looks more like an idol and she looks more like an actress

8. She is really pretty and her personality is also so attractive

9. Daebak. How is she not an actress yet?

10. Wow, she looks like Go Yoon Jung

11. Do you feel like she looks a bit like Ock Joo Hyun?

12. You can tell Mijoo is super proud of her older sister from how she introduces Yun Ji to the cast. She’s so pretty!

13. She’s seriously a beauty… But why is DinDin so shy?

14. Go Yoon Jung? They look alike

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