Lee Soo Man responds to his nephew’s statement Lee Sung Soo

Lee Soo Man “Lee Sung Soo is a kind nephew… This breaks my heart”

Lee Soo Man, “I have watched him since he was four as the nephew of my late wife. He entered SM at the age of 19 and started with the work of managing fans. He’s a kind nephew who grew up in a family with his father being a pastor. This breaks my heart.”

1. Lee Sung Soo “Lee Soo Man is a great uncle, but somehow he became a monster…”

2. A kind nephew is not a stupid nephew, but a kind and smart nephew

3. I guess he has nothing to say

4. Lee Soo Man has lost his conscience

5. Think about why your nephew turned his back on you, old man

6. I think I would be angrier if I were Lee Sung Soo

7. It’s all true, so I guess he has nothing left to say, he’s pretending to be betrayed

8. He has nothing to say. Lee Sung Soo is right

9. Has he ever wondered why his nephew is behaving like this?

10. What’s wrong with his father being a pastor?

11. Does he have a conscience?

12. Seems like everything Lee Sung Soo revealed is true

13. Everything Lee Sung Soo said is true

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Lazy Banana

Cannot believe people are siding with Mr. Nepo Baby who is equally guilty and only started speaking when he got shitted on lol. All sides are evil in this kdrama.


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Last edited 1 month ago by Evelyn

People like this will do whatever he can to get into power he doesn’t treat his Idols as human at all it’s just object tools to making money for him

Last edited 1 month ago by Nobody
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