Lee Soo Man was spotted in China with handsome guys

Lee Soo Man was spotted in China…

1. I thought it was just Lee Soo Man but there were a few other pretty guys behind him

2. Where did he find those handsome guys?

3. There are kids with him

4. I thought he would just eat and play with the money he had, but where did that motivation come from?

5. Bang Si Hyuk is crazy about Japan, and Lee Soo Man is crazy about China

6. Lee Soo Man is still dreaming about China

7. Are they all Chinese?

8. Anyway, he really likes China.. But then again, all the Chinese people in SM that Lee Soo Man found were handsome

9. Is he cultivating Chinese idols??

10. Why does he like China so much?

11. Why can’t he give up China?

12. It seems like a group is being formed in China by Lee Soo Man

13. Looking at their clothes, I guess they come from well-off families in China

14. Lee Soo Man really worked hard even at that age

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