”Let’s donate laptops to mass stream!” Jungkook’s akgaes desperately attempting to surpass Jimin?


Jimin’s latest achievement is shaking up the charts and causing quite a stir among Jungkook stans.

His track “Like Crazy” has secured the #1 spot for the longest-charting song by a K-pop solist on US Spotify, surpassing Jungkook’s heavily promoted “Seven” which now sits at #2. This turn of events has left Jungkook’s akgaes feeling extra bitter and resentful.

Accusations are flying left and right as Jungkook stans cry foul play, accusing Jimin’s fans of resorting to underhanded tactics, such as the use of VPNs, to boost his numbers.

However, as the plot unfolds, it’s revealed that Jungkook stans are not without their ironic contradictions.

While condemning Jimin’s solos for allegedly using illegitimate methods to achieve success, some Jungkook stans are caught red-handed orchestrating efforts to boost Jungkook’s songs behind closed doors.

Desperate to surpass Jimin, Jungkook fans are seen organizing emergency meetings to strategize how to re-enter the chart they left long long time ago despite the immense tools they had to enter in the first place. In a surprising twist, they decide to adopt the very methods they criticized and accusing Jimin’s fans for, like mass purchasing laptops to donate to US Jungkook fans for the purpose of boosting US streams.

This contradiction highlights their tendency to stalk Jimin’s fans and distort the narrative to suit their agenda since PJMs just gave a couple of laptop as prize on a streaming challenge, not mass donated with the purpose of charting in a specific country.

As Jungkook stans grapple with the reality that Jimin’s success comes without the need for remixes, payola, or extensive promotion, the irony of their situation becomes painfully apparent.

Despite their efforts to undermine Jimin, they find themselves unable to replicate his organic success.

In the end, this saga serves as a cautionary tale of bitterness and hypocrisy within Jungkook fans, but as they say ”like idol, like fans”, Jungkook fans have learned from Jungkook himself how to cheat to achieve big numbers.

They just want to follow the path of their favorite ”artist”.

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