Like V and Jennie, netizens wonder if NCT Jeno and TWICE’s Mina are dating after he accidentally followed her on Instagram

NCT Jeno who followed TWICE’s Mina on Instagram at dawn but unfollowed

He unfollowed her right after that

1. They are dating and he made the mistake of following her on Instagram..?

2. Everyone can make mistakes in life

3. Last winter, Taehyung accidentally followed Jennie and then unfollowed her

4. Leave Mina alone

5. Seeing the comments here, I feel sorry for the idols

6. I think I know why celebrities get panic disorder

7. It is not a mistake. There have been quite a few cases where they accidentally followed and then unfollowed

8. No, will this happen again? It reminds me of V and Jennie

9. That’s why I don’t want idols to use Instagram… There are advantages to using Instagram, but sometimes there are also big limitations like this

10. Looks like V started dating after following Jennie

11. I feel sorry for Mina

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