“Lilies Or bullies?? Lisa’s fan continues to terrorise the new younger year group ILLIT

On April 21, KST, the group hosted a live

broadcast on Weverse where the five members revealed the fandom name letter by letter to spell out “LILLY.

While K-Pop groups will be given an official

fandom name, more often than not, fans of each member will assign themselves a name for just their favorite member, Making it not official however Lisa fan who have declared them selfs as “lilies” have taken to social media platforms to terrorise and bully these poor children for “lily” which is not the same as “lilies

1.  What a horrible fandom…

2. Lisa fans are crazy…..

3. Disgusting people 

4. these are children 

5. this is too much……. What can they do as children in that horrible company 

6. I hope they do not feel too bad 

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