Lisa fans request @GWR fastest to reach 1M Tik Tok followers record even though they have been following her account since June 3rd

Lisa fans are claiming that Lisa broke the Guiness World Record of fastest account reaching 1 Million followers on Tik Tok, and are already tagging GWR to make the record official.

But what they are hiding is they found Lisa’s account more than 24 hours ago, actually since June 3rd, and even PopBase shared it, and they have been sending requests that account since then, requests that once Lisa officially posted the first video counted, this means they are claiming something they have been promoting for days as if its a record of 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Will the fans of the previous record holder realize this loop is being mediaplayed by her fans to steal a record?

Is it fair to claim a record of 2 hours when the account had 3 days of follow requests acumulated?