Looking at BTS and FIFTY FIFTY, netizens say that companies don’t need to add foreign members to the group

Companies please look at FIFTY FIFTY

I hope they stop mixing Tom Yum, Malatang, Udon and Ramen together

They can still enter the US market without foreign flavors

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1. [+305, -18] I agree, just look at BTS and FIFTY FIFTY, companies don’t need to add foreign members to the group

2. [+230, -15] FIFTY FIFTY needs to send precedent to many groups.. Seriously, since there are no foreign members, my eyes are comfortable every time I see them

3. [+208, -27] They did well overseas, but no one in Korea cared about them when they were promoting on music shows. You guys are telling us to watch and learn from them when you guys don’t even know of their existenceㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+182, -13] For real, it’s hard to find groups with only Korean members these days. STAYC, Weeekly, FIFTY FIFTY are the rarest groups

5. [+73, -0] That’s because they got lucky. There’s a 99% chance that their next song won’t do well, so what are you trying to learn from them?

6. [+28, -1] It’s just a song that goes viral on TikTok.. And the lyrics are also in English, so most people don’t know it’s K-pop

7. [+12, -0] But why are they not popular in Korea? It’s just a popular song

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Welcome to korean nationalism episode 1




weak ass argument cos most ppl dont even know fifty fifty are kpop cos the viral song is in english. plus they dont even know the names of the member. in bts’ case they succeeded not cos theyre korean but because theyre them. the 7 of them. even if u replaced one member with another korean, they would not have succeeded bc we need all 7.


Completely agree. I didnt even know Cupid is a kpop song until i read tiktok comments. Besides that, the real test for Fifty Fifty is their next comeback. Can they maintain their success? Or will they become a one trick song kpop group? There are few kpop groups that become known for their one trendy song but their comeback isnt successful.

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Logic Thinker

Bts was not lucky they EARNED their fame working hard with no tik tok or viral song. Yeah they made 3 song in English but 300 in Korean (and the thing is … if they do songs in Japanese people don’t complain but in English🙃🙃🙃)


Because other group release English version or English song but none of them achieved the same or similar success like BTS

WhatsThe Point

Also it’s so weird how what goes viral is curated by authorities or staff.
This song of 50-50 is good, catchy could’ve gone viral probably but not to this scale w/o their label getting the playlisting, autoplay…

However what’s crazy to me is how much BTS is suppressed on these platforms from going viral.
Last year, Like, BST, danger, run bts we’re going viral and gaining traction but suddenly they stop trending. This year, like crazy and on the street we’re going viral and suddenly the audios are being suppressed
Heck so many of BTS b-sides are good and worthy of going viral but the people controlling the algo have suppressed BTS so much


Finally. Fifty Fifty’s number of monthly listeners and hot 100 rankings have increased. This has nothing to do with just being viral on TikTok or Instagram. Their label is clearly playlisting. If bts had such a playlist or promo, the songs would go viral throughout the year. However, it embarrasses me that people are proud of the success of a TikTok song. In fact, bts’ NO song has not been viral enough on social media in recent years. Despite this, they ranked high on the charts. For example bad decisions, like crazy etc. It pisses me off that Korea, who doesn’t care about BTS’ historical records, only cares about one viral song💀


Playlist reach comparison:
Bts’ permission to dance – 217 million
Fifty fifty’s cupid eng/twin ver. – 154 million


and those playlists for ptd mainly being from fan made playlists 😭😭😭😭 be so serious what playlisting did ptd get

dot com bubble

I don’t think the success of the two groups in the US has anything to do with them being all-Korean lol. Americans all lump Asians in one category particularly East Asians so you can bet your ass nobody knew there that 50-50 are all Koreans. As for BTS, they blew up because of who they are and due to the hard work of 2017-2018 ARMYs sending their songs to radio stations.


Also because of their variety shows on mnet


Knetz shouldn’t speak too early. FIFTY FIFTY’s next comeback will determine if this song is just a one time viral hit or not, no one can be sure that they can repeat the success.

Does the international audience know the group well enough or they are just using the song for their tiktok? Even if they are doing very well on the global charts but are they well known enough yet?


seriously? they are comparing THE BTS who have 756556854258546863279536865 historical achievements with this payola nugu group that nobody knows?????? have some shame plz


Why nationalist k-netizens are so retarded? This is such a stupid discussion, at the end of the day we know they’re going to be one hit wonders, kpop is still niche in the west and many people who like Cupid may not even know it’s a korean group singing cause it’s an English song and probably they don’t know who FIFTY FIFTY is either! The main market of a kpop group is in the east and they still need Japan, China and SEA to keep up, so is not a issue companies want to add members from these places if they think it can make easier to enter these markets and facility the communication too.


and what have stayc or fifty fifty accomplished?

korea’s most popular girl groups are groups with foreign members. stayc’s already lost the interest of the korean gp. fifty fifty had ONE hit song that went viral on tiktok. no one knows or cares about the group itself, people like the song.

i get that koreans are nationalistic and are proud of bts’ success but bts are an anomaly. their success didn’t happen because of their nationalities but because of their talent and extremely strong and loyal international fanbase


If knetz really believed that then more all-korean groups would be successful but most popular groups there have foreign members :p

John Xina

5050 are riding the success of a TikTok meme their is no solid future in that.

No evidence they will hit it big again and ever develop a large fandom.

spicy spice

5050 is a one hit wonder who paid their way, a payola act lol. i don’t even know who is who in 5050. they are just a viral thing in kpop but feel like they holds the whole kpop atp. lmao.


Even if BTS doesn’t release songs for TikTok, they will always be preferred, but the same is not possible for Fifty Fifty. That’s the difference between them✨


CUPID is literally in ENGLISH. The korean version did not went viral and it’s not the one rising on charts.💀 Koreans need to humble themselves and stop acting almighty and hateful towards foreigners.

Also 5050 is barely gaining new fans, I don’t see them in the charts of most followed kpop act on Spotify, Youtube and Instagram. All they gaining is monthly listeners (thanks to heavy playlisting).

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I hope they stop mixing Tom Yum, Malatang, Udon and Ramen together”
This is so racist

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