Looking at HYBE’s lineup, people said that they never thought that Bang Shi Hyuk would develop Big Hit like this

The idol groups under HYBE have become many









1. The lineup is amazing

2. All groups are good

3. Not being a fan of HYBE idols is bad for brain health

4. It is said that 2 or 3 groups will debut next year, are they going to debut like that every year?

5. The lineup is good, I want to go to HYBE Con

6. Wow, they don’t need BTS now

7. HYBE Con looks interesting

8. I think HYBE Con next year will be fun because there are so many lovely idols

9. I never thought that Bang Shi Hyuk would really develop Big Hit like this

10. Even if they can’t manage the quality of the merchandise, it’s still a good company because they keep releasing good new songs and work hard on releasing content for their fans

11. I think Weversecon will be fun next year

12. I like HYBE because I like their songs

13. They came back on time, the album quality is good, they did well so I’m so satisfied

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i’m not a fan of these “family” concerts…


All this started with Runch Randa.
He is The one and only K-pop King.


6. Wow, they don’t need BTS now

I’m sick of how people like this are so stupid thinking that bts are just popular kpop group , Let’s see how much money they will lose win one member enlists …


Comment number 6 is so stupid, Hybe wouldn’t exist without BTS, it’s not typical case where the company makes the idol grow, it was Bangtan that made Bit Hit thrive and because of that, it’s Hybe now.


6. Wow, they don’t need BTS now

Utter stupidity lmao. Who did this commenter think built BH. BTS keeps the lights on that building.


did they say bts didn’t build bh? no lmao, they said the rest of the groups will provide well enough that having bts’ income is not necessary which is true. hybe is filthy rich right now because of bts but even without bts’ revenue they’re the most successful kpop label out there, they’ll keep the lights on just fine either way


they can’t even afford the main building they’re using rn without bts LOL, if bts stops giving them revenue they’ll have to move away.

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