Looking at Lisa’s Instagram feed, looks like she went on a trip with Louis Vuitton’s son

No, I’m not saying they’re dating

Four days ago, a picture was posted on Instagram by the wife of Alexandre Arnault, the second son of Louis Vuitton’s chairman

And today Lisa’s Instagram

[+255, -13]

1. [+323, -43] Lisa and Jennie are dating amazing men, but Jisoo, just why?ㅋㅋ

2. [+186, -9] Alexandre Arnault liked that post by Lisa. Of course, if Frédéric Arnault was the one who liked her post, people would know that they were dating. Anyone can tell they’re dating, why are people always trying to refute this?

3. [+140, -9] Bvlgari’s chairman said, “I’m on vacation with my family, not with Lisa, but you’re welcome to travel with her anytime~!”, stop with this

4. [+106, -6] The reason why journalists don’t write articles about this is because LVMH has so much power in advertising and in the media that it’s hard to publish an article unless it’s a second-tier magazine

5. [+84, -15] She could become the daughter-in-law of a corporation, it must not be easy to introduce herself to the family

6. [+42, -6] Every time I see Lisa, I feel that people need to be kind

7. [+30, -1] Jisoo-ya, Jisoo-ya, Jisoo-ya, Jisoo-ya, sigh~

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