Looking at SM new girl group members’ proportions at the SM showcase

Those are the names of the female trainees at the SM showcase

SM new girl group members
from left to right:

1st girl – Nahyun
2nd girl – ?
3rd girl – ?
4th girl – ?
5th girl – Yuna/Yuni
6th girl – Hareu?
7th girl – ?
8th girl – Nayeon

The original picture was from SM Training’s Instagram account

1. What’s up with their legs? Their legs are so long

2. Wow, they’re all tall

3. The second one from the left looks like Na Haeun

4. What’s up with their proportions?

5. Is Na Haeun there???

6. Na Haeun is there, right?

7. Everyone is tall and skinny

8. They are all slim

9. Wow their heights

10. They look so tall

11. Their proportions are crazy

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