Looking at this picture, SM is amazing

Looking at this picture, SM is amazing..

Super Junior
and Aespa

After BoA ​​made a breakthrough in Japan and the overseas expansion of 1st generation K-pop, SM artists from 2nd to 4th generation performed at Tokyo Dome

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1. [+190, -16] Everyone hates SM, but it’s obvious that SM is a great company that has consistently created popular K-pop groups from 1st to 4th generation..

2. [+105, -13] It’s great that there’s NCT 127 and Aespa too

3. [+91, -12] Crazy….. SM idols are daebak…

4. [+79, -5] It’s a pity that there’s no Red Velvet

5. [+62, -84] Now you have to admit that Aespa is the best among the 4th generation girl groups

6. [+56, -4] To be honest, only SM has maintained their performance from the 1st to the 4th generation…

7. [+20, -24] But it’s strange that they don’t do well in the US

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