Looks like BTS finally changed their coordi

V tagged Kim Young Jin on Instagram

Looks like they changed from Lee Ha Jung to Kim Young Jin who used to be in charge of NCT

-> For reference, these are some of Lee Ha Jung’s works

1. NCT? Aren’t their outfits weird too? I’m not sure BTS’ outfits are better than their previous outfits

2. People may or may not like Kim Young Jin’s works, but no one likes Lee Ha Jung’s works

3. Kim Sung Hyun, please come back ㅠㅠ

4. I miss BTS’ style in 2016-2017 so much ㅠㅠ

5. I want Kim Sung Hyun to work with BTS again.. I think Kim Sung Hyun’s works play an important role in making me love BTS

6. Their outfits haven’t changed much… I think Kim Sung Hyun is the best coordi for BTS

7. I got goosebumps watching Lee Ha Jung’s works.. Those outfits are so bad

8. No, why did they change their coordi to NCT’s coordi?……. Aren’t there many stylists in Korea?

9. No matter how bad Kim Young Jin’s works, Kim Young Jin’s works are 100 times better than Lee Ha Jung’s works

10. What is Kim Sung Hyun doing these days…?

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