Looks like BTS is coming to the White House

BTS to join President Biden at White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes and celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month

1. I know they have a good influence, but if they’re singers, shouldn’t they be on stage? It’s hard to see them on stage these days. I was looking forward to this album so much, but I’m angry that I have no choice but to boycott this album because they didn’t remove Jung Bobby’s song

2. Idols coming to the White House is a good thing. I always support BTS!

3. The White House? The White House, not the Blue House? BTS is amazing

4. I don’t think of BTS as idols anymore, I see them in more places than on stage

5. Those who say that music is more important than being invited to the White House, they are stupid

6. It’s great that they’re using their influence properly

7. Only one member can speak English, so how will they discuss?

8. I’m really proud of BTS, I always support them!!!!!!

9. As Asian singers, they are invited to attend an important event related to the issue of racism. As a fan, I’m so proud of them

10. I’m not really a fan of BTS, but I’m happy and proud that the BTS members are all Korean

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