Looks like Do Kyungsoo was smoking an e-cigarette in the music show waiting room

1. Why did he smoke an e-cigarette in the room? I feel bad for the staff

2. I hate smoking in the house

3. He’s an adult so he can smoke, but smoking in the house is really bad

4. Smoking in the house is disgusting

5. He really doesn’t care about the people around him

6. There are many people who think that e-cigarettes can be smoked in the room

7. How can he smoke in the house while the camera is running…???

8. He’s an adult so smoking is his personal freedom, but don’t smoke in the house

9. It’s true that we shouldn’t trust celebrity image

10. Wow, he’s so rude

11. Wow seriously, I can’t believe the image of celebrities

12. I know that celebrities don’t treat their employees like humans

13. I really hate it. He doesn’t think of people who don’t smoke?

14. You can see someone’s personality with something like that

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