Looks like HYBE doesn’t allow BTS members to cut their hair

HYBE doesn’t allow BTS members to cut their hair?

Why is their hair so long?

The members all have long hair?

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1. [+38, -0] They are doing the hairstyle that they want to do now. They should do what they want before coming back

2. [+17, -0] Jin and V’s hair isn’t long, right..?

3. [+15, -0] I really like their hair, they look so good with long hair. I watched the video yesterday and admired how pretty they are

4. [+4, -0] Please don’t tell them to cut their hair again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. [+4, -2] Since Suga has long hair, his aura is amazing

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is the title a sarcasm or they being serious rn like bts already almost on their 10th year like um all of them literally the one who is in charge of their own hair 😪 no one is holding them hostage on their own hair here


And who lied to them saying they look good? It gets uglier

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No te reflejes cara de culo

WhatsThe Point

Or maybe the members themselves wanted to grow their hair and keep it natural? Ever thought of them as artists who built hybe?


Puppets. Just doing whatever Hybe is telling them


Varias veces ellos han demostrado hacer lo que quieren con su apariencia, Jin y Jungkook se ha teñido o cortado sus cabellos sin supervición de la empresa


they have no official group schedules (by that, i don’t mean music award shows) and technically on hiatus as a group so the respective members can grow out their hair as long/short as they want. also, weather is turning colder and approaching winter in korea soon so many of them tend to grow out their hair and keep a way longer hairstyle. most of them look better with long hair anyway, esp JK jin suga j-hope so what’s the issue here? lol

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