Looks like Kim Garam will make her return with the start of LE SSERAFIM’s Japanese promotions

Looks like Kim Garam will make her return with the start of their Japanese promotions

“This video was recorded in May, and all 6 members of LE SSERAFIM participated in the shooting”

No matter how early they filmed it, they’re not editing her out. And looking at the video of her or her in the Japanese magazine, looks like they’re slowly preparing her return

[+1245, -35]

1. [+784, -11] If HYBE didn’t have BTS, they would have been a small company. They are crazy

2. [+549, -3] Why is HYBE really shielding her so much, I really don’t understand them

3. [+400, -2] F*ck, they’re really burying everything

4. [+159, -0] Wow, are they crazy? She even received a degree five punishment for school bullyingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+157, -1] Let’s boycott LE SSERAFIM~ I’m sorry to the other members, but Kim Garam is a trash bully

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She’s not going to coming back, that japan music show and magazine already done even before her hiatus


I think they’re using it to test the waters though by not refilming or editing her out of the vid and picts. If the backlash isn’t big for this Japanese music show then they’ll prolly start to bring her back for promotion.

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That japan mushow is the famous one, it’s difficult to filming it again as they have to wait again and they had to come to japan again and for magazine, what if they already mass produce it when hybe announced garam’s hiatus?

either way i’m fimmies fans and most of us don’t want her to back


They could have edited her out or refilmed. They’re definitely gonna try and see if she can come back.


It’s difficult to edit someone out if they’re in the middle of the picture and op did mention that it’s a famous show so it would’ve been difficult to re-film.


why are this stupid company so adamant on keeping this bully?? I’ll keep calling her a bully until its proven wrong and be on the victim’s side. just throw her away for brighter future of lesserafim. i cant support this group if a bully is still apart of it 😒


maybe fansof the group should do some protesting instead complaining online? it’s obvious hybe doesn’t care because stans will blindly support the other girls despite everything…


Literally dont understand what this girl adds to the group, at least eunchae gives that fresh vibe and shes hillarious next to yunjin too


Thanks, I hate it.


No wonder there’s J-Hope and Rose dating news out of the blue, hybe need another BTS dating news to buried this and save the bully career


Noticed how a lot of these posts are about content filmed or sent off before her hiatus, it’s almost like people really want to hate OT5 Lesserafim.

Like if she permanently leaves, these people are gonna find something else to hate.

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