Looks like NMIXX’s center was changed to Sullyoon

Sullyoon is always the one on the far right of NMIXX’s lineup

And here are the reactions on Pann

“Except for Sullyoon, the other members look like normal people”

“It’s not that the other members are ugly, but Sullyoon’s visuals look like the center”

“I feel that Jinni and Kyujin stand in the center a lot? Like TWICE Nayeon and ITZY Ryujin, Sullyoon is just the visual member like Tzuyu and Yuna”

They don’t like ㅜ

JYP listened to the reactions and the lineup was changed

At Music Core and Inkigayo, Sullyoon stood in the center, Jiini and Kyujin stood on the sides. I think this will be the upcoming lineup. Since the visual member stands in the center, they look like a flower garden

But JYP did nothing even when people said that Yuna should be the center of ITZY

[+450, -41]

1. [+206, -9] Because the pretty girl stands in the center, the group stands out more. As expected, the center should be the visual. Jinni standing next to Sullyoon is perfect too

2. [+104, -5] The lineup was changed

3. [+80, -1] Because Sullyoon is the center, the group’s visuals look better

4. [+57, -18] I think ITZY should change their center too… It’s not that Yuna has no talent…

5. [+52, -2] The ITZY members are all pretty and have different vibes, so Yeji, Ryujin or Yuna, any of the three of them look good in the center. For NMIXX, except for Sullyoon and the girl with short hair, the other members look like idols from small agencies, so Sullyoon should be the center

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