“Looks like their popularity among the domestic public has dried up” Netizens are disappointed with TWICE’s ‘SET ME FREE’ ranking on Melon daily chart

TWICE comeback ‘SET ME FREE’ on Melon daily chart

1. I don’t think this song will be successful in Korea, I think it’s a song that is targeting the overseas music market

2. TWICE is good, but the song is so bad..ㅜㅜ Please, please remove the rap parts from the song

3. If you don’t like their song, you don’t have to listen to it

4. I think they are focusing on the foreign market rather than the domestic market

5. I really don’t like the rap part… Honestly, I don’t think their rapping skills are the problem, but the rap part is not good

6. The song is good except for the rap part

7. They sell a lot of albums, but their digital is bad, they’re like a boy group

8. The quality seems better than their previous songs so it’s a pity, I hope more people listen to it

9. Expectations are zero in Korea after controversy over singing skills

10. Because the quality of the song is so bad, the public’s expectations are getting lower and lower, and some members get into controversy over their skills, isn’t this result natural?

11. I went to Melon after reading this post, but it’s not on the chart?

12. Dahyun sings well, why does she keep rapping awkwardly?… And the rap part itself isn’t good

13. They don’t care about Melon anymore, now they focus on Spotify

14. Looks like their popularity among the domestic public has dried up

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Saint Seungri

they’ll be doing this shit for another 7 years, getting worse every time 🙂 but the fans will eat. CRINGE


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Last edited 14 days ago by Julia

You know, you don’t have to listen to their songs, no one is forcing you. The song is great, actually every song in the album is great and we are all eating it, not your business, not your problem got it cringy boy/girl?


Who cares about Korea, they’re still the biggest gg in USA and in the world


b!tch where?????????


in real life. Most albums sold and most streams.


lol. even bp bside got higher stream and floptwice struggling to even crack bb top80


the real embarrassment. where us?


they wanted to top bbhot100 so much but once busy in this site instead of streaming


Saw Philippines there the highest not us


I dont Twice in here too. ‘the biggest kpop gg in the us’ they said

Joon N

dirt cheap albums help with sales


Bundlepink could never


You do know twice was #1 last year in USA because BP only had 2-3 months tracking while twice had last quarter of 2021 to whole 2022. I’m sure you know that you’re not stupid


yeah 2022 because then they’re out of the chart


Spotify numbers mean nothing since they sleep with Jeremy

Last edited 14 days ago by Ditto

all twice member visit Spotify office to offer their pussy but sadly no one interested i guess


Twice members are not the ones seen running at the hotel with Jeremy lmao


because they’re cheap, office instead of hotel lol


Biggest gg in USA (that can’t even top iTunes, Set Me Free no entry on US Spotify) Biggest gg in the world can’t chart top 100 on Global Spotify and there album didn’t even top worldwide iTunes. 😭


Theya re flopping hard in korea, cry


Biggest flop gg in USA and in the world

Last edited 13 days ago by OMG

They are declining rapidly since 2020.


they = blackpink


In korea both


It’s largely known that Koreans have terrible taste in music. The songs that do well there are kids bop tracks or terrible imitation rap songs. I wouldnt aim for Melon either.


you mean bts getting number one with butter dynamite are kids bop? twice trying mature concept but too late maybe? not even us entry


Flop group with 0 hits since 2019
So embarassing coming from the “biggest gg”


I think that the Koreans started to forget the third generation bands, and this is what I heard from the comments of one of the Koreans. Also, it seems that Newjins took the hearts of the Koreans. Everyone started listening to them in Korea. When I see Newjins, I remember twice when they were the number one group in Korea in 2016/2017.


new jeans paid for 500 spotify playlists & that gave knetz western validation they craved. If twice paid for 500 playlists it’d be the same but only new jeans’ team are stupid enough to lose money when everyone else is earning. they are at -ve in q4 fy 2022.


stop with playlist bullshit, you just cant accept Nj is bigger, to chart in melon no need playlist, all they need is stream and unique listener. The fact that nj old songs is still charting high and twice struggling is funny.


The one who can’t accept the fact it’s you NJ is charting well with millions of Spotify playlists and Payola. Twice isn’t struggling if JYPE didn’t make the mistake of making two versions of their title track also Twice haven’t millions of Spotify playlists and Free Spotify premium 💀💀

Fuck your mother

NewJeans spotify stream number is 1.9 millions in 1st day that not full day and gain to 3 millions in second day with no playlist , you just can’t accept newjeans success.

Twice can’t make it even they’re heavy promo in US.


Last edited 13 days ago by Fuck your mother

Twice haven’t millions of Spotify playlists like new jeans
Twice streams are divided they have combined 2.4M+💀💀
New jeans gain the 3M with millions of Spotify playlists you stans like to soreaf lies we all know the plan of Hype


loser can’t accept the truth , newjeans received 2 – 3 millions stream without any playlist


NJ received 2-3M with payola and million of Spotify playlists


The truth is so refreshing. I’m tired of this obvious media play and company pulling strings to inflate New Jeans popularity. Everything about it is odd, if MHJ was so famous and the debut was so anticipated why was there so little news about them prior to debut?? They just debuted suddenly and they were everywhere.

I can see why though, I imagine the company was stressed about BTS’s enlistment and LSF alone wasn’t enough to reassure shareholders.


The truth is twice flop

Last edited 13 days ago by OMG

Yeah “flop” and that’s why they selling stadium concerts in US 🥱🥱The truth is aTwice haven’t million of Spotify playlists like New jeans




Blinks under every single Twice related article trying to make fun of them by pulling shit out of their asses meanwhile the girls are on the way to have the biggest US sales debut EVER by a female Korean act 🥱 All that barking for nothing cause success will always speak for itself. It’s just the way things are.

Last edited 14 days ago by stfu bitch

sales not matching the streams🤣🤣


That’s literally so funny because, quickly, show me one kpop group (that is not BTS, of course) whose sales match their streams.


Their sales matching with their sold out stadium concerts 🥱🥱💀Twice are not the one who using million of Spotify playlists and Payola like New jeans


‘on the way to have the biggest US sales debut EVER’ then struggling to enter bbhot100 saying alot that jyp inflating their sales. bbhot100 is the important chart. Even group like skz nct and txt could chart in bb200.


They have no trouble getting into Hot 100 id*ot 💀💀Their streams are shared, they got into Hot 100 with their latest pre-release, plus HBYE is the one using Payola and millions of Spotify playlists for new jeans to get them to make them look big in USA. Twice’s sales match with their sold out stadium concert sales and they will have another stadium tour in the US later . New jeans even have more Spotify playlists than Bp which is even more embarrassing


With less than 10 million on-demand streams. Yeah the pure sale’s don’t match teh streams. FRAUDULENT.


You mean more new jeans that have millions of Spotify playlists and Payola 💀💀💀 Twice’s album sakes match atleast with their sold out stadium concert sales
Twice is organic as opposed to new jeans getting even more spotify playlists than bp that’s what I call Fraudulent.


Even their global streams are low
They’re not popular anymore


“They are not popular anymore “ meanwhile aTwice selling stadium tours 💀💀🥱🥱you are stupid to think like that just because of their streams from their title track which are divided trough 2 versions . They have combined 2.4M+🥱🥱without million of Spotify playlists and Payola


idk y jyp makes chaeyoung and dahyun rap when it doesn’t fit the song. the both have good voices and can just sing instead, their rapping is honestly terrible and makes me cringe

uga uga

Is not that the song is bad but it’s really basic.
It not stands out, it’s not catchy and even tho they’re really pretty and the MV is amazing, the song still sounds like a weak b-side.

Joon N

Nayeon slipping a titty in the MV certainly helped with the views


Once always focus on dragging blackpink that’s why twice chart is terrible

Last edited 13 days ago by OMG
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