MBC apologizes for article title mocking NewJeans Minji over kalguksu controversy

The journalist hid the word “kalguksu” in his article titles using an acrostic poem. He used “Kal-gak (sharp) beauty Guk-jejeok (global) Su-ryeoham (elegance),” and “Kal-gati (sharp on time) Guk-jeseon choolguk (boarding International flight) Su-hang (processing),” meaning “Processing Her Boarding The International Flight Right On Time.”

1. What are you doing with a kid? You should be ashamed of yourself

2. I’m not surprised because it’s MBC

3. Go Dae Hyun should apologize

4. I thought it was Ten Asia but it turned out to be MBC

5. Reporter Go Dae Hyun didn’t write an apology??????

6. This is my first time seeing an apology from MBC, is it because of HYBE?

7. MBC is trying to restore their image these days

8. If you are a man, you should personally apologize and take responsibility for all your actions

9. I really don’t understand what they were thinking when they wrote that article.. ​I hope the reporter also posts an apology

10. The apology is even less sincere than AI’s apology

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