MBC reported on the controversy over LE SSERAFIM’s singing skills on Coachella

Controversy over LE SSERAFIM’s singing skills on Coachella

“LE SSERAFIM on Coachella stage.. ‘noisy’ singing skills”


1. The police who miss criminals > get criticized, Actors who can’t act > get criticized, Office workers who can’t work > get scolded, Idol singers who can’t sing > How can they sing perfectly while performing intense choreography? All the fans at the set were excited. Really?

2. No, they had no skills at all, so why did they go there? Anyway, it’s not a group that’s famous based on their skills so they just pretend to be pretty and stylish

3. Even office workers are criticized by their bosses and colleagues when they don’t do well, singers are no exception, they should not consider these as malicious comments. After seeing what Sakura wrote yesterday, I was a bit surprised that she didn’t seem to think she needed to improve her skills

4. I felt like they were discriminated against for their encore during this promotion, but they reached their peak with Coachella… ㅠㅠ What’s even more unfortunate is that they’re a group that suits my taste ㅠㅠ

5. If you’re not good enough, don’t stand on such a big stage

6. Commenting that they can’t sing and have no talent are not malicious comments…

7. I’m curious about HYBE’s vocal training

8. I guess this news is also a malicious comment

9. It’s true that they don’t have enough skills to be suitable for a stage like Coachella

10. This stage is truly a disgrace to K-pop

11. I guess HYBE doesn’t have shares in the broadcasting industry

12. It’s a shame that K-pop is in the news because they can’t sing

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