Media reports that BLACKPINK Lisa officially made her relationship with French boyfriend Frédéric Arnault public

BLACKPINK’s Lisa officially appeared with her second generation French chaebol boyfriend… Now their relationship has been made public

BLACKPINK’s Lisa attended the official event with her French boyfriend Frédéric Arnault

On the 4th, Lisa, a member of BLACKPINK, attended a luxury brand event held in the US

On this day, Lisa sat next to Frédéric Arnault and attracted attention

1. Her life is amazing

2. I guess it doesn’t really matter since she has very few Korean fans anyway. Don’t foreign fans hardly care about such things?

3. I’m a fan. When Lisa’s solo came out, the responses in Korea were so good

4. It’s because Lisa didn’t have any scandals and worked hard as an idol before dating so it seems like they’re supporting her

5. Almost BLACKPINK fans don’t object to their relationships

6. If Lisa is happy then it’s okay~ Just keep going!!!

7. Be happy

8. He’s a chaebol, but I’m even jealous of his colleagues

9. Be happy!

10. I’m so jealous of him

11. BLACKPINK has a lot of dating rumors

12. His girlfriend is BLACKPINK Lisa… I’m jealous of that guy

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