Media reveals more details about HYBE x Source Music’s new girl group

Sakura · Kim Chaewon → A member who was cast in the Netherlands.. 6 members of HYBE x Source Music’s new girl group confirmed

HYBE x Source Music’s new girl group will debut in May, consisting of Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Pledis trainee Heo Yun Jin, two former Source Music trainees, and the final member who was recruited by Source Music’s president So Sung Jin in the Netherlands

1. Netherlands …? Is she a foreigner? Or is she studying abroad?

2. What is Sakura’s position? Is she good at singing?

3. I’m curious about the new faces, I’m looking forward to it

4. I think the final member is a Korean or a mixed race living in the Netherlands

5. Well, I think they will have a lot of foreign fans

6. HYBE recruits a lot of foreigners these days, so maybe she’s not Korean or she’s mixed race

7. Lesserafim is their group name..?? It sounds like the name of the hair salon

8. HYBE’s groups are all multi-national except for BTS

9. I like Heo Yun Jin, so I’m looking forward to this girl group. I’m also curious about the rest of the members. When will they be revealed?

10. Hul Heo Yun Jin ㅠㅠ She’s my pick, I’m looking forward to it

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