Members of JYP’s new girl group VCHA + VCHA “Y.O.Universe” MV

Members of JYP’s new girl group VCHA

Lexus Wang (Lexi), 2006
🇺🇸 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

KG Crown (KG), 2007
🇺🇸 LA, California, USA

Camila Ribeaux Valdes (Camila), 2006
🇨🇦 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Savanna Collins (Savanna), 2007
🇺🇸 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Kaylee Lee (Kaylee), 2009
🇺🇸 USA + 🇰🇷 Korean

Kendall Ebeling (Kendall), 2006
🇺🇸 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

1. 12 years old? ㅜㅜ

2. It’s not like a group…

3. They look like a foreign dance group covering K-pop…

4. The song is not good and the MV is like a copy of NewJeans

5. They have no harmony at all

6. 12 years old????? She’s too young, right?

7. I really like Kaylee, she’s the maknae but she sings and dances well

8. Isn’t Kaylee too young??

9. They are just kids

10. They are promoting abroad??

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