Min Heejin claims that ILLIT copied NewJeans, TWS copied NewJeans and RIIZE also copied NewJeans

CEO Min Heejin reportedly said in a recent internal interview at HYBE, “ILLIT copied NewJeans, TWS copied NewJeans, and RIIZE also copied NewJeans.”

1. ??? NewJeans is K-pop

2. ????? Is she crazy?

3. Why is she talking about idols from other agencies that have nothing to do with her?

4. What the?.. Bang Si Hyuk copied Min Heejin and created BTS..? What the hell is she talking about? Then why did she go to HYBE in the first place?

5. If Lee Soo Man said he was the one who founded K-pop and everyone copied him then I would at least admit it

6. TWS is just trying to follow Seventeen’s successful path

7. What the?.. She is the mother of K-pop..?

8. The whole world is NewJeans…?

9. ㄷㄷ Are all K-pop groups copies of NewJeans?

10. NewJeans is everything about K-pop

11. President Bang Si Hyuk copied me and created BTS????????????????????????????????????????

12. So if you weren’t into K-pop then BTS, NewJeans, RIIZE, TWS and ILLIT wouldn’t have debuted, right?!

13. She’s turning the entire K-Pop market into her enemy

14. She needs to go to the hospital…

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