Min Heejin claims that ILLIT’s appearance on the variety show on NewJeans’ comeback day is discriminatory

Min Heejin’s side “ILLIT will appear on a variety show on NewJeans’ comeback day… Discrimination”

Min Heejin’s side said that despite NewJeans’ successes, discrimination continues. For example, on March 27, when NewJeans entering Tokyo Dome was reported in the media, articles about HYBE and Universal Music Group were also released at the same time

Additionally, even though ILLIT’s album activities have ended, they will still appear on a variety show coinciding with NewJeans’ comeback. NewJeans will make their comeback on May 24 and ILLIT will appear on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ on the 25th of this month

1. Daebak.. Min Heejin also thinks so

2. This is too blatant

3. It’s weird that they will appear on a variety show even though their activities have ended

4. Anyone in the industry would be outraged because they know how things work

5. Everyone is saying this is weird

6. Anyone can see that HYBE is too petty

7. HYBE is intentionally burying NewJeans’ popularity + hindering their comeback, right?

8. Honestly, I thought the same after reading the article

9. Anyone can see that this is intentional

10. This is indeed discrimination

11. But what does ILLIT’s appearance on the variety show have to do with NewJeans’ comeback? Is ILLIT that big?

12. So on the day NewJeans releases their album, HYBE singers don’t do anything

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