Min Heejin claims that president Bang Si Hyuk copied her and created BTS

President Bang Si Hyuk copied me and created BTS

Another document that HYBE found during the audit the other day is said to contain details in which CEO Min Heejin told the outside party, “President Bang Si Hyuk copied me and created BTS.”

1. Wow, are you joking with Bang Si Hyuk’s Bangtan? This is war

2. She has lost her mind

3. Is she crazy?? Is she touching BTS??

4. But if you think like that then why did you go to HYBE in the first place…??

5. She even messed with BTS. I can hear fans around the world protestingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. BTS was created by Big Hit, please wake up

7. BTS is a group that was created by gathering everything from a small company with 15 full-time employees, but you say such things about BTS after using all the capital from HYBE, the company founded by Big Hit?

8. Min Heejin, are you filming a variety show? Why do you make me laugh?

9. Shouldn’t she have gone to the hospital instead of court?

10. ????? This is the craziest thing Min Heejin has ever said. What’s wrong with her?

11. Do you want to become the mother of Korean pop culture?

12. Don’t you know that other singers also have fandoms?

13. Are you touching BTS? This is the end for you

14. Can’t you hear anything? That was the sound of the coffin closing

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