Mnet was criticized for holding the 2022 MAMA in Japan

2022 MAMA, will be held overseas again… Planned for the 29th and 30th of November

According to some music officials on the 18th, 2022 MAMA will be held on November 29 and 30 in Osaka, Japan

1. Once again, agencies and singers are taken advantage of

2. But what’s even funnier is that people don’t think of MAMA as an international music award ceremony even though it’s always held overseas

3. How much money did you get from Japan?

4. CJ is crazy… They are the main culprits ruining K-pop

5. Why is a Korean awards ceremony held overseas?

6. Mnet’s love for Japan is still there..

7. I still don’t know what this award ceremony means

8. I think I’ve seen other awards ceremonies held in Japan. Why do they like Japan so much?

9. Japan is a mess now, but you still want to go to Japan?? Are you really crazy?? Just do it in Korea

10. No, why is the Korean awards ceremony held overseas???

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