Monthly card usage of an idol fansite master

Monthly card usage of an idol fansite master

“I heard that to become a fansite master you have to have a lot of money, so I always felt a huge gap with them. About how much do you spend for every promotion/comeback?”

“Card Usage for December: 9,697,000 won ($~6,991.10 USD)”

1. An older sister I know, she is also a fansite master, she owns a building and runs a cafe. I’m jealous of her..

2. Nowadays, not only fansite masters, if you go to fansign a few times during promotions, it will be the same

3. There are more rich people than I thought

4. Even if you win the lottery, if you spend like that, you will quickly run out of money

5. A fansite master I know is an office worker, but she has a rich family so she doesn’t feel burdened even if she uses up all her salary

6. Someone I knew that was a fansite master was born rich… Their parents were building owners

7. Wow you have to be born into a rich family to be able to do this

8. There is not one fansite master that I know that has a high-paying salary that can take off work freely. They are all either filthy rich or are swimming in debt

9. I hear that usually people born rich are usually fansite masters

10. I guess they have the ability to pay all that back

11. Fansite masters are busy even when they aren’t promoting since they go to other events and fashion shows too

12. It’s harder to find someone with a high-paying job and is free to take off work than to find a rich person

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