Most streamed K-pop albums on Melon of all time

Most streamed K-pop albums on Melon (BTS, EXO, Wanna One, BLACKPINK, EXO-CBX, BTOB, iKON, NU’EST W, Big Bang, NCT 127)

1. Female idols only have BLACKPINK..?

2. NU’EST W is amazing

3. 2017-2018 was a real battle… Wanna One was amazing too

4. As expected from BTS

5. Wow NU’EST W…. ㅠㅠ

6. Wow, there’s a reason why they call Ex-BANG-Wan

7. I think 2017-2018 was the golden ageㅋㅋㅋ The competition between fandoms was fierce at that time

8. There are many albums that were released in 2017-2018ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was fun at that timeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. BTS is amazing

10. BLACKPINK is the only girl group

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spicy spice

wannaone. no wonder mnet milking them to dry. they did so well in every sides, even on par with top boygroups at that time.


Not Midpink struggling with four songs and five years and still can’t get top 20. Flops


Not this pathetic little 7s twinks stan been obsessed w bp 24/7


I sleep well at night knowing your ass has me on the brain 24/7. Obsessed with licking my pussy meanwhile your whores are on their knees eating white mens ass for streaming deals. And still getting out streamed by rookies.




Is what Midpink is at every award show in Korea


you stan bp 😂 you can’t be serious calling others twinks lmaoooo


A lot of this shows how bad Melon are at filtering mass streaming

WhatsThe Point

Bgw having 10 albums on there along with dynamite as a single album .

It is what it is

Exo needs to get more credit. SM mismanages their groups but exo keeps being on top.


top of flopping 😂🖕


But WANNAONE had bad music

Another Guest

MOTS:7 really was huge. It still is the best-selling album in South Korea’s history and the most streamed here even though it was only released in 2020 compared to the others on the list. Even ARMYs cannot yet beat its record-breaking sales.


If BTS back releasing 4 versions again maybe they can actually beat mots 7 record.


MOTS.7 was the best selling album in the world in 2020.
if BTS release a full album of new songs even in 3 version,we would break the world with it.JUST DO IT.


Tbf, that was supposed to be their last album b4 taking a break, wasn’t it?

They plan out albums long in advance, so I’m not surprised the releases of post-MotS7 were done out of the norm. I imagine they’ll go back to their usual method when they come back.


bts >>>>>>

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