Most streamed songs on Spotify by 4 big companies in 2023

HYBE – BTS Jungkook ‘Seven’ (1,241 billion)
YG – BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘Flower’ (350 million)
JYP – Stray Kids ‘S-Class’ (157 million)
SM – EXO Kai Rover (119 million)

1. Jungkook is amazing

2. 1.2 billion? It’s crazier than I thought

3. Wow, Jungkook ‘Seven’ is in another world

4. Their cover photos are beautiful

5. I really don’t get tired of listening to Seven and still continue to listen to it

6. The 3rd generation solo singers are so strong except JYP

7. Jungkook ‘Seven’ is crazy

8. Jungkook is daebak, he really succeeded in 2023

9. Wow Jungkook ‘Seven’ is so different

10. Wow Seven ㄷㄷ Jungkook is so cool

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