Most Sung Idol Songs nationwide in 2022 on Circle (GAON) Karaoke Chart

source: Pann

Circle chart released their karaoke room ranking for every month in 2022. There is no annual chart, they release monthly rankings. Millions of people in Korea visit karaoke rooms every month and the data is collected from karaoke rooms nationwide. 

These are the idol songs that entered Melon’s monthly karaoke chart

[+146, -15]

1.[+97, -2] Soshi, Bigbang, Taeyang and Kyuhyun are legends. Although their songs are old, they are still sung a lot. I also go to karaoke rooms and sing their songs.

2.[+79, -8] All of them are mega hits

3.[+70 -5] At this point, ‘Into the New World’ is a traditional song

4.[+47, -5] Kyuhyun often sings ‘At Gwanghwamun’ on TV. Seems like people can’t forget itㅋㅋㅋ

5.[+45, -14] At this point, it’s IVE>(G)I-DLE>aespa>New Jeans>Le Sserafim

6.[+34, -7] I can’t find BTS. They are low in general public recognition

7.[+24, 0] Soshi-bang ㅠㅠ

8.[+22, -3] IVE stands out the mostㅋㅋ It’s such a shame that they only won the Song of the Year award as a grand prize in 2022

9.[+21, -3] ‘Into the New World’ is definetely a megahit in the long run ㅋㅋ  It’s often used in the broadcasting industry and there is no song that’s covered so much, so, the general public constantly looks for it 

10.[+17, -4] It’s just that IVE swept through the year


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I’m not surprised that BTS is not on the chart. Where is the Spring Day that doesn’t leave the chart for 6 years and fans claim that it’s a national anthem? Read this article, it’s in English
Just 6 months ago this music critic and KMA committee member said that BTS’s success on the chart is thanks to their fandom’s mass stream, bulk buy etc and that general public knows BTS’s name and their songs name because of the articles about Billboard rankings (they are kinda obsessed with US success) and that they don’t know the group and their songs. Honestly.. Some months ago I saw a boy group karaoke chart of all time. Not only in 2022 but in the past BTS entered the chart but their rankings were so low and they didn’t last long. EXO’s stats who has been so inactive compared to BTS were much better. No need to mention the stats of the groups like Bigbang, Beast and Block B I guess


Yup they get success on the charts thanks to their massive fandom streaming otherwise their solo songs wouldn’t be a flop on the domestic charts even NewJeans being a rookie group make more noise with ditto/OMG than anything Jimin’s collaboration was.

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Without fandom, that girlie will not have longevity. So go suck gp dick when you can cause when new group coming in, they gonna know their place


Well that group “without fandom” outcharted BTS solos especially certain “korean it boy” lmao.


yes they outcharted BTS.the chart of the number of payola playlists.
& where’s my itboy’s solo?february hasn’t come yet as i checked.

months ago,when ive was on top,their fans were kekekeing the same bullshit here.i told one of them bitches to scream harder for me cause next year,the same day,no one would hype their faves instead those bitches would be crying for the amount of hate & drags their faves are facing & at the time,BTS is still the biggest group & one of the biggest artists in the world.
so scream harder for me bitch.& be thankful i’m patient cause i’m not company stan & dgaf if your fave is cute/lovely/miner/hardworking or shits like that.i would tear ur mhj toys apart like you’ve never seen before.but i’m patient & ik karma is a BTS i let you to scream harder for me bitch.


That “Jimin’s collaboration” was just released lol. It’s doing really well on korean charts and seems to have a good chance of entering hot 100 (not certain but very likely). That collaboration definitely made noise. You are just in denial.


So what that groups who got high on karaoke chart doing now?


ahh yes, bts not being part of a year end karaoke stat chart must mean they’re not the top group right now that contributed millions to south korea’s economy 🙁

boy group karaoke chart must really be prestigious…


BTS tops all other charts, and has the most PAKs but oh no they don’t chart on some random karaoke chart so they’re flops lmao


Dear, how come you typed this long bullshit ? Ok..go ahead in live in your fantasy world. But try to see the real fact. What stats are u talking abt? You mean how Spring Day is an everlasting song ? Or BWL who snatched All Kills in 2019 globally and domestically ? Try talking again IF its not BTS who represent their country on many occassions such as UNICEF, UN, Brand Ambassador of Busan Expo Bidding. Its only take one announcement from BTS when they have a concert, then whole korea will go into ticket war mode. Funny how you make as if they’re nothing based on karaoke song list.


Damn seems like other hybe groupies fandoms are already hearing themselves up to discredit BTS from everything. Just like I guessed it would be. Now let’s see if Armys can do what they did back and make these fandoms learn their place or just join them instead. I mean Armys were fighting hybe wars in which no one was even involving BTS but now these hybe group fandoms are themselves discrediting BTS like this.
Cause this same person was under nj and other hybe group post protecting and praising them…


Most ARMYs are BTS fans and BTS fans only. Those defending those Hybe groups are most likely multis. But if those groups’ fandoms disrespect or insult BTS, you’ll see ARMYs come for their throats because ARMYs will throw any group under the bus for BTS. Why do you think some fandoms censor BTS’ name on Twitter lol.

circles' bathtub chart.

Am not a stan, but listen/ sing to spring day, fire & another 2 songs… in my bathtub. So erm, where’s my contribution recorded on the circles’ sub-bathtub chart?

also, listen to btob’s prayer & another one, iu’s good day, les miserables too… but they’re missing from this karaoke chart. So does that make the karaoke chart wrong? It’s chill if fave does not make it. Why does it mean so much that rando karaoke singers are belting a different tune????


The same music critic who joined discussion about “who is the next BTS”. Lmao. Then, maybe u should start begging Korean Music Award to include Daesang of karaoke chart.


Blackpink is on the list, get your eyes check


It’s funny how you judge a group’s success based on the number of songs sung at a karaoke. What percentage of all korean citizens go to karaoke? what is the average age of the people who go there? Are you sure it’s not the same kind of people who go there time and time again, seeing how consistent the types of songs and groups they sing there?


and these same people will watch year end award shows and when a song that got sung a lot in karaoke places does not win , they’ll get mad like the karaoke ranking is included for the calculation of the awards at the first place 🏃🏻


Tell me you know nothing about korean culture without telling me you know nothing about korean culture.


So what is korean culture? Tell me.


for one, karaoke is a deeply ingrained part of their culture


Look I’m not denying Bts popularity. They are very populer obv, but their songs probs aren’t the first choice for karaoke. And that’s completely fine, they don’t always have to top rankings to show their popularity and relevancy. And maybe they did top the rankings the year before, who knows.

And yes, generally I think you can judge how successfull a group is by how many times their songs are played at karaoke, though not always. Because karaoke IS a big part of korean culture, from high school students to office workers, they all be at a karaoke during the day or night after work or school. So ig the average age would be what 15-45 yrs old more or less. All I’m saying is that you can’t deny how popular karaoke is in korea.

Last edited 8 months ago by heyu

Don’t be surprised, this is the same fandom who once said “no daesang no opinion”, then now changed to “no karaoke song chart, no opinion”.


Antis camping here commented like BTS isn’t the most sought after artist in SK and made them looked fail just bcs “Karaoke songs”? Really?

BTS maybe not too popular just bcs their song mostly difficult to sing. The popular karaoke songs are mostly trendy songs which easy to sing or have a momentum. If its abt mega hits, you would see SNSD mega hits such as Gee, The Boys or Genie, not Into The New World. But Into The New World become so popular bcs its used when the impeachment of former SK president happened. Its same with Sunset Glow which is originally sung by a legend singer Lee Moon Sae.


Where are the commenters saying that Big Bang are collabing with BTS members because they need relevance ?? 😂😂😂😂


Then why would they do a Friday release with a BTS member then ? Don’t act dumb and realize Taeyang collabs with Jimin to get more exposure especially global cause Jimin is more popular than him.


VIBE was released on Friday at 2PM KST when his group’s latest song release was on Tuesday at 12AM KST 🧐 It wouldn’t hurt to admit things even if they’re not to your liking

Last edited 8 months ago by Nat

The friday released 😁😁🤣🤣. ig being well known ONLY in korea not enough for him. That small country yk


big bang does need bts to cleanse their image

big bang is a group of that has a killer, druggies, animal abuser, drunk driver and prostitution ring dealer


What a laugh you are, you’re just chest thumping about some karaoke songs, that’s all that’s left for your fandom and that group right? I have something else to tell you, Taeyang waited 2 years to release his song just to have Jimin collaborate with him, is that answer worth it? Ridiculous. 


BTS needs karaoke relevance??


Me! And it’s still true.


oh I get it why people been wanting for pannchoa to translate this so people can fight ☠️

anyway it’s silly to fight about karaoke ranking , these artists still getting their coins whether they there or not 😭 and our income is still not like half of their income


Pwf is an anthem in Korea


You were always spreading hate not even here but on twitter as well and see I found you like that. By your hate spreading nature…


be serious do you really want to talk about spreading hate here?


I am not the one writing 875 as twinks on daily basis here am I…


And your Twitter profile even stinks more than imagined st u p i d blink


Fck off army, give me the receipts before you talk your shit, when you drag bp around here, they return the same energy and we are the bad guys 🤡


Give me the receipt of the moment I even drag you girlies anywhere. And brave of you to conclude that I would be an army. Btw I am not…


Thanks to kakao payola

Lazy Banana

Honestly I’m not surprised BTS isn’t here because the fucking rap parts are hard to sing. But people are really using this as a drag like SK doesn’t know BTS’ existence just because they can’t sing their songs in the karaoke lmfao. The copium is real folks but this will not change the fact that your favs are still flops against BTS. Enjoy karaoke nights, ig? 🤭


Even k-pop groups that cover Bangtan songs can’t sing the rap parts, especially Suga’s, how do they expect ordinary people who didn’t train to be idols to dare to sing those songs? 🤭

Lazy Banana

“My friend told me they are world-wide famous”

They are. Their songs not making it in some karaoke list for a single year will not diminish the fact that those groups are famous worldwide and not only locally known. I mean heck, GOT the Beat is on that list and we and SM all know they flopped. You really thought your comment ate lmfao. You child.


Them not making onto this idk what list ain’t going to change any fact. And if we fans are not bothered by it or are not saying anything then why tf are you so bothered by it…


Rookies doing better than bundlepink once again


Rookies doing better than 7 twinks once again

Last edited 8 months ago by Invierno

I finally found your real twitter account


Ty now you can follow me FAN


Bet you look like a h0€. No thanks. I just want to get you sus pen ded


Lmaoo stay mad btch


There is nothing to stay mad at you for me tho…i just want to drag you to mud…


Rookies doing better than 7 twinks, yet to cum, flop jin, flop rm and flop hope nowhere to be found


This is such a wild and yet brave take when you consider your faves accomplishments in comparison to BTS and their solos. Take Korea off the table who are known to have terrible taste in music and no presences globally your dozen’s impact are actually the ones no where to be found except in BTS’ shadow.

Let’s discuss.


Why tf are other hybe group fandoms are inserting BTS where it is not even needed. Just because BTS are in hybe with your groups doesn’t mean Armys will go soft on you. Learn your places or you will become the major reason for your group hate era.


Ddaeng, why are ppl in the cmmts treating karaoke like it’s a year end award? Srry, but not every song is a karaoke song.


Kpop stans fighting over karaoke songs now… be serious rn.


I always sing ‘Still Life’ at least once whenever i visit norebang. Its really good song to sing.. sometimes ENL.

Teenage puppy

Korea is not even top five in the global music industry so tell me why y’all screeching about success and recognition???? Korea does not make global stars nor set the trends so y’all acting like what they like matters or makes global impact is delusional.

We all know that BTS and their solos are unrivaled in the top music markets and worldwide and that Korea has always been the least supportive of their own top star so why argue with SM fans, rookies etc who only chart in Korea and nowhere else. BTS can still fill a stadium in Korea and abroad better than anyone on that least so why bother.

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