‘Music Core in Japan’ lineup is revealed

‘Music Core in Japan’ lineup is revealed

Held at Belluna Dome in June

1. The lineup is so good…

2. The lineup is good, it’s too good compared to Music Bank in Belgium this time


4. I’m waiting for ILLIT’s performance

5. It looks like ENHYPEN, Stray Kids and ATEEZ will make their comeback in May

6. Hul Taemin

7. I’m glad that Taemin constantly reminds me about his stage schedule

8. But is this the full lineup?

9. The lineup is so good and will be popular in Japan

10. Belluna Dome will be in during the rainy season in June…

11. Hul ATEEZ

12. Why do they keep holding it in Japan?

13. Can’t wait for Taemin’s performance

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